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Coosawattee River Resort

634 Beaver Lake Dr. Ellijay, GA 30540

Monday - Saturday

9 am - 5 pm


Tel : 706-640-4010

Gate Operations & FAQ

Need a DwellingLive login?

  • Please email with your name and lot number to be given a login. If you already have a login, please state "I can login" in the email.

  • If you are unable to submit and receive an email response, please come to the POA in person.

  • Our current lead time for responses to email submissions is approx. three business days.  Be sure to check your spam/junk/promotions/etc. folders if you believe you have not received a response.

      We hope the following broad overview of our gate entry platform will be helpful.  We will also attempt to answer most special case scenarios in the FAQ following this overview.

The gate system is based on the DwellingLive community management platform.


Broadly speaking, entrants to the community can be classified into five categories which are as follows:


  • Owners (whether full or part time)

  • Tenants (long term lease holders)

  • Non-Owner Residents (generally minor or adult children of an owner or tenant)

  • Permanent Guests (such as direct family of owners)

  • Temporary Guests (any short-term guest such as cabin, villa, RV, campground rentals, delivery drivers, etc.)


The system features three possible methods of entry to the community – tags mounted directly on a vehicle, QR codes, or telephone call-in verification.  A brief description of each of these and how they will function is as follows:


  • Vehicle/card mounted tags – These are tags readable by a long-range reader.  Once a tag has been mounted to your vehicle or your owner ID, simply slow down when approaching the gate and a sensor will read your tag and raise the gate arm.


  • E-Pass/QR code – A E-Pass/QR code looks like a square made up of many black and white blocks readable by a scanner.  By logging into DwellingLive, account operators will be able to generate E-Passes/QR codes for guests which can be printed, stored in most smart phone wallets, or even taken a picture of if the mobile device does not feature a wallet.  E-Passes/QR codes are temporary only, with a maximum valid duration of up to one year. E-Passes/QR codes can be printed by a gate attendant (if applicable), can be printed by Customer Service at the POA, or can be delivered via email or text message. 


  • Telephone verification – Guests who arrive with none of the other methods of entry in place will be able to use the intercom call boxes to make a phone call to Central for verification.  DwellingLive account operators will be able to access their guest list online and update it to add or remove temporary or permanent guests as desired.


For each category of entrant, the method of entry that will likely be most convenient is as follows:


  • Owner/tenant/resident – For owners, a vehicle mounted tag scanned by the long-range-reader will be the most convenient method of entry.


  • Permanent Guests – For permanent guests, an E-Pass can be generated when adding a permanent guest on DwellingLive. This code (which is a QR code) can be made valid for up to one year. The guest will stay on the list permanently but the E-Pass will need to be generated yearly to gain access permanently.


  • Temporary Guests – For temporary guests, a E-Pass/QR code will be the most convenient method of entry. E-Passes/QR codes can be made valid for a specific date range of up to one year and will not work outside of that date range.




Please visit the POA whenever is convenient during normal business hours Monday through Friday to get a long range reader for your vehicle.  



Q:  Can I get windshield tags for all my vehicles?

A:  Yes, you will be able to get as many windshield tags as you have vehicles registered in your name.


Q:  Can you mail my windshield tag(s) or give me extra for additional vehicles if I visit the POA?

A:  Due to the potential for windshield tags to be placed on vehicles not registered to eligible owners/residents of the community we are unable to issue tags through the mail or provide extra stickers for additional vehicles not at the POA at the same time of your visit.  The ability for clickers to be transferred to multiple vehicles, borrowed by non-residents, etc., is one of the aspects that makes the current system less secure than the new system.  CRR staff will install your sticker for you during your visit.


Q:  What should I do if I drive a rental car?

A:  If you regularly arrive in a rental vehicle, visit the POA to have a long range reader sticker affixed to your owner ID card.


Q:  What options do I have if I drive a company vehicle?

A:  If the company vehicle has been issued to you and you will be driving it regularly you will have all methods of entry available, including being issued a windshield tag.


Q:  Can my young driver be issued a windshield tag?

A:  Yes, if a minor under 18 has a vehicle registered in their name, they are welcome to visit the POA with their parent or guardian to be issued a windshield tag.


Q:  How does system work with motorcycles or vehicles with windshields that do not work well with the windshield tags?

A:  Specialty tags suitable for use with motorcycles and vehicles with windshields that do not work well with RFID will be made available as needed.

Q:  How do I download DwellingLive?

A:  DwellingLive is just a website, there's no software to download or install.

Q:  How do I log into my DwellingLive account?

A:  Open a browser and navigate to to log in.  If you do not already have an account, send an email to and include your name and your full lot number and we'll reply with the credentials for your account.

Q:  When I am behind another vehicle passing through the gate, why doesn't the gate arm come down behind them?  I keep slowing down and backing off because I don't want to the gate to come down on me, but it stays up.  - Or - When I went through the gate, the gate arm stayed up and another car followed me in.  Is something wrong with the gate?

A:  No, this is by design.  The reader that reads your windshield tag can read multiple tags simultaneously.  For example, if a group of three vehicles approaches the gate, the reader will see multiple tags.  If it sees another vehicle coming, even though one vehicle just passed through, it will keep the gate arm up until two things happen:  a) a vehicle passes through the gate triggering the pass-through loop and b) it doesn't see any more windshield tags on vehicles approaching the gate.  At that point it will lower the gate arm.  If the next car in line behind one car passing through the gate doesn't have a windshield tag, and that vehicle is going to use another entry method, the gate will come down immediately behind the vehicle that just passed through the gate.

This FAQ will continue to be updated over time.  If you have a question not answered here, please submit your question to so we can add it to the list.

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